cell phone project

last thursday our group of interns presented the cell phone holder to a lady name Pam. Pam has. is a disease that unable pam to limit the use of her arms, she cannot use her legs, she is only able to use her head to move her electric wheel chair. Pam's wheel chair is modify with a bar that is bent in front of her so she can reach the knob for her wheel chair.


It is the ancient concept recently returning to scientific thought that examines nature, its models, systems, processes, and elements. It is a fusion of two words, Bios which means life in ancient Greek and mimesis which also is in Greek and means to copy or imitate what something does.


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Many people have wondered how great ideas are formulated. In order to understand where ideas come from you don't need to look further then the oldest master that there is, nature. Scientist having been working on trying to develop solutions through biomimicry.

Cell Phone Project Updated

Last Thursday our group of interns presented the cell phone holder for a lady named Pam that has a disease called multiple sclerosis which basically is when her body is paralyzed from the neck down. She can move her hands but does not have the strength to grab her cell phone or push the buttons so we designed the holder to what we think would suit her needs and so she could be able to use it on her daily life.

Fabrication Laboratory Photgraphs: Pam's Project

Over the course of the past several weeks, we have been in the process of creating a structure as to house the celluar phone of Pam, a woman with multiple sclerosis. Here are several photographs detailing the evnts that took place:

Caption: Affixing the pyramid structure to the wheelchair.

Caption: The majority of the team that assisted in creating the celluar phone structure.

What I learned about Kirchoff's Law?

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Celluar Phone Project

We have recently finished developing a structure that enables a woman named Pam who has Multiple Sclorosis easy access to her cellular phone. We accomplished  this by taking measurements of the phone's dimensions, taking note of the buttons locations. The steps we took to reach this goal included the creation of a file on Illustrator, as to provide the laser cutter with the proper design, bonding the two pieces to each other, and finally changing our initial creation, as to transform  it into a viable final product.

Cell Phone Project

In the last few weeks I have been working with other interns to create a cell phone holder for a disabled lady who cant move her hands verry well. We have worked on many differnet prototypes but came out with one that we thought would work best for hr needs.  When we started out we thought out a way to use an angle for the holder to be facing the lady instead of being flat on the bar that it was going to be placed in.We created the cell phone holder with acrylyc abd cur out the pieces with a laser cutter that we have here at the lab.

Celluar Phone Structure Project

     We are currently in the midst of creating a structure that will provide a disabled individual access to basic functions of a celluar phone. At the moment, we have created a base, upon which the cell phone will rest, and a curved structure, as to provide support to the base. Tabs upon the bottom and sides of the structure create a barrier, as to insure that her phone is unable to accidentally dislodge itself from its base.

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